Terms and Conditions for VPNFacile Services (CGU)

Note: our privacy policy can be checked here: https://vpnfacile.net/en/privacy-policy/

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

By using this service, you fully agree to the following terms ,.
If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including any future revisions, you may not use the services offered by VPNFacile.
You will be notified of any changes made to this document. The use of the terms “us”, “our”, “VPNFacile” or “VPNFacile.net” are related to VPNFacile.net.

2. Protection of personal data

The only information saved by VPNFacilee is the information required when registering. When accessing the member service of our website, we record your IP address and the time and date of connection to the service. This information is renewed at each identification and is saved for a period of one year. legal duration).

We do not store payment information such as credit card number or other financial information.
We do not disclose the information we hold to third parties or companies.
VPNFacile guarantees the security of the data retained with the best means we have at the moment.
All saved information is encrypted without exceptions.

3. Use of the Service VPNFacile

3.1 Limitation regarding the general use of the site VPNFacile.net, you agree to:
3.1.1: Do not use our services to hack or attack other computers, servers, networks or companies via our service.
3.1.2: Do not indicate false information when registering for service.
3.1.3: Do not attempt to access the VPN server (s). Do not attempt to disrupt our services.

3.2 Limitation concerning the use of the service offered by VPNFacile, you agree to:
3.2.1: Verify the rights to the downloaded files by being connected to the VPN service (copyright, DMCA, and other rights that may belong to the author of the work, the distribution company, or any other -rights).
3.2.2: Do not add torrent files containing illegal files listed below:

Files with copyrighted files
Files containing files for illegal purposes: virus type, trojan (Trojan horse), worms, and others
Files containing child pornography, images, videos and other files

3.3 You agree, when downloading P2P files or Torrent to verify that they comply with the laws in force in your country, as well as in the European Union and in these TOS.

4. End of service

We reserve the right to terminate the access to the user’s services if the user does not respect the general conditions of use. The cancellation can be carried out without prior notice or consultation of the user. A temporary suspension can be made, without notice, of the account and access to the user’s services. Any termination or suspension of access to services is not refundable.

5. Quality of service

The quality of connections (speed, interruption, latency, etc.) being random from one region to another and being beyond our control, we do not guarantee the throughput provided by the VPN gateway nor the continuity of the connection. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss of profit that may arise from the use of our services. No refund will be given if you are not satisfied with our services. The use of external software, which is not the property of VPNFacile is not guaranteed, any failures, loss of data or profit is not damaging by VPNFacile.

6. Refund

A refund can be requested within 15 days after payment of the order. Reimbursement is made within 72 hours. This will be done by the same means of payment used for the payment of the order. There is no charge for reimbursement. After 15 days after purchase the refund is no longer made.

6.1. Terms of cancelation

You can stop your subscription at any time.

  • Recurring payment: You can cancel the recurring payments via the member area, in the “My subscription” section if you have chosen this method of payment. The shutdown is immediate and you will no longer be billed or charged for your VPN subscription. You can cancel the recurring payment until the last day, the expiry date of your subscription.
  • Manual Payment: If you want to stop your subscription, you simply do not manually make the payment. The subscription will automatically terminate on the expiration date of the subscription.

7. Modification of the service and general conditions

VPNFacile this guarantee the right to modify the general conditions as well as the type of service provided. An e-mail will notify you of the modification of the general conditions. Following a modification of the general conditions, the use of the service must be in full awareness of this document.

8. About us and legals informations

The website “vpnfacile.net” and the service “VPNFacile” are owned and operated by Easy Networks Solutions OÜ, Estonia. The company number is 14325993.