What’s a VPN ?

You currently listen to speak about VPN. But, concretely, what’s a VPN ?

Letters VPN are the acronym of « Virtual Private Network ». Despite of that, that’s not clear, and this not answer to the question « What’s a VPN ? ».

A VPN allows you to connect to a networked server, as your private computer were a component of an computer park. Therefore, you will connect with the IP address of this network.

A VPN offers many benefits


Using a VPN will allow you to preserve your anonymity. Inding, as you are browsing through our VPN servers, you do not appear with your own identity, but with the one of the VPN. By connecting to the VPN, you will hide your IP address from third parties.


In order to preserve the network security, and do not allow to third parties to access the data transiting it, VPNFacile makes available to its users the OpenVPN protocol and the L2TP protocol, to choice. This protocols will encrypt the connection. That means that network will translate in his own language all data transiting by his server. So that, nobody could access to your data. Obviously, this may seem you unnecessary if you have a good anti-virus, but if you connect regularly to public wifi when you move, your devices may be exposed to malicious softwares.

Logiciel VPN

Bypass some laws or government censorship

Some States, such as France, introduced mechanisms to control and repress the download. The user who uses it nevertheless risk a penalty of up to 1500 €. Other States, such as China prevent the access to a large number of internet websites. By using a VPN, you can bypass those laws or censorship. You can also be concerned by this clamping if your school or employer prevent the users of his network to access to some websites as Facebook, Twitter, or personal mailbox.

Local TV programs

A VPN can also allow you to access to local TV programs, which you could watch in live if you were in a specific country, or access to your favorite TV channels or programs as Netflix from a specific country.