Set a VPN connection up with the L2TP/IPSec protocol on Mac OS


Access to “Network preferences”

Click on the Wifi icon, on the top right of the screen.
Then, click on Open the network preferences.

Or click on the top left of the screen, on the Apple icon -> System preferences… -> Network


Create a new service

Click on the + icon, in red on the picture.


Create a L2TP VPN network through IPSec

  • Interface : VPN
  • Type of VPN : IKEv2
  • Service’s name : write what you want.

Then click on Create.


Authentification setting

Server address and remote server:

  • France:
  • Netherlands:
  • Switzerland:
  • Luxembourg:
  • Germany:

And click on Authentification Settings


User authentification

Complet inputs with:

  • Username: your VPNFacile’s username
  • Password: your VPNFacile’s password

And now click on OK


Start VPN connection

Click on Connect

Window will show, click on Apply


Your are connected

Your are now connected !

Click to check your new IP.