Install VPN Windows 10 with our software

The VPN software is fully compatible with the latest version of the famous operating system Windows 10. Always fast installation and easy to use, VPNFacile software automatically connects to startup and saves your credentials.
Please follow our explanations in pictures to install the VPN on your computer equipped with Windows 10.


VPN Windows 10 #1

First, download our software.

Double click on the downloaded file
Windows may request permission to run the file, click “Yes”
Once the installation software (see image opposite), click on “Next”

  • You must click 3 times on "Next"


VPN Windows 10 #2-2
VPN Windows 10 #3-3

Click “Install” to start the installation
Wait during installation, this may take 10 to 20 seconds

  • A confirmation request may appear for the TAP-WIN32 driver installation, you must accept the installation of the OpenVPN driver by clicking Install.


VPN Windows 10 #4

Leave the “Start VPNFacile” checkbox selected
Click on “Close” to launch the VPNFacile software


Login at startup

Enter your VPNFacile username and password.

You have indicated these when you register on our site VPNFacile.



You can now choose the country of your choice.

By default, the country chosen is the Netherlands.

Important: click on Paramètres and select “English” as language and restart the software.

  • Our system automatically selects the best server among those available for the chosen country.

Setup finish

Back in the VPN menu, click the rectangle to connect

Once connected, you can check your new IP address.