Installation tutorial of VPNFacile software on Windows 8


Launch the VPNFacile software installation

Go on your Windows desktop.

Push on the key Windows of you keyboard.

As soon as you are on the menu, click on the Desktop icon.


Download VPNFacile software

Then, you have to download VPNFacile software


Launch the installation VPNFacile software

Double-click on the downloaded file.

Windows can ask you the authorization to run the file. In this case, click on Yes.

Once the installation software run (picture below), click on Next.

  • You have to click three times on Next.


Starting the installation

Click on Install, in order to start the installation.

The installation can last 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Windows can ask you a confirmation for the pilote TAP-WIN32’s installation. You are obliged to accept the OpenVPN pilote installation, clicking on Install.


Start of the VPNFacile software

Keep check the box Start VPNFacile

Click on the button Close in order to launch VPNFacile software


Start indentification

Tap your VPNFacile’s user name and your password.

Those you chose at your registration on our website.


Connection to VPN server

You can now choose the country where you want to be connected.

By default, you will be connected to Netherlands.

As soon as you choose the country, click on « Connection »

  • Our system chose automatically the best server among those availables for the choosen country.


You are now connected to the server

You are now connected to VPN !

Our software checks the IP address change after your connection to VPN, and writes your status as Connected only if your IP has been changed.