VPN Synology, configure OpenVPN on your NAS equipped with DSM 5


Open the Control Panel

Access to your NAS and log.
Click on the Control Panel icon on the desktop of your NAS.


Network settings

Click on the Network icon.


VPN connection creation

Click on the Network interface tab.

Click on the button Create, then Create a VPN profile.


VPN connection creation

Choose OpenVPN, then click on Next.


VPN connection configuration

Connection name: Without importance. For example : VPNFacile
Server address: nlX.vpnfacile.net ; Replace X by a number between 1 and 11.
Password: the one you use to connect to your VPNFacile accountPort: 443
Protocol: TCP
Certificate: click here to download. N.B. : click right on this link, then click on « Save link target as ».

Click on Next.


VPN connection configuration

Check the first, the second and the last one boxes. Don’t check the third box !

Click on Apply to create your VPN connection.


Change the VPN connection

Now, we have to change the VPN connection before connect.

Click on Task planner in the left menu of the “Control Panel” window.

Click on Create and then on Script defined by user.


Change the VPN connection

Copy-past the code below in the box Script defined by user.

wget http://dll.vpnfacile.net/ta.key -O /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/ta.key
echo “tls-auth ta.key 1” >> `find /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/ -name ‘client_o*’`
echo “cipher AES-256-CBC” >> `find /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/ -name ‘client_o*’`
echo “keysize 256” >> `find /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/ -name ‘client_o*’`
echo “link-mtu 1560” >> `find /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/ -name ‘client_o*’`

Then, click Ok to validate.


Connection to VPN server

Click on the just created task.

Then click on Run.

Confirm clicking on Yes.

Note : this step is to do once, to the first connection. After, you can delete the task.


Connection to VPN server

In menu, click once again on Network, then on Network interface in order to display the network connections list.

Click on VPNFacile connection, and then on Connect.

Wait until connection to the VPN.


You are now connected !

You are now connected.

You can check the change of your IP downloading, for example, the page “http://monip.org” thought the application Download Station.