Installation tutorial of OpenVPN’s (GUI) software for Windows 8


Download necessary files

First, you have to download OpenVPN software, then configuration files.


Launch the installation of OpenVPN GUI software

Double-click on the OpenVPN GUI installation software.

Windows can ask you the authorization to execute the file. Click on “Yes”

Click on Next then on I Agree and then on Next


Installation’s launching

To launch the installation, click on Install


Installation in progress

Installation is in progress. This step can take 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Windows can ask a confirmation to install the TAP-WIN32 pilot. You are oblige to accept the installation of OpenVPN pilot.


Finished installation

Check the box Start OpenVPN GUI then click on Finish


Configuration files installation

Now, you have to compress the archive previously downloaded in the repertory C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig

You can use the software of your choice, or the Windows utility by default.

  • The ca.crt and ta.keyhave, them too, to be uncompressed.


Connection to the VPN

Click-right one the OpenVPN GUI icon, near to the hour (Check the hidden icons).

Choose the server of your choice.

Click on Connect for launch connection


Identification to the VPN server

Enter your VPNFacile login and password

The ones you choose when you register on the website.


You are now connected

The VPN is connected. The icon of OpenVPN GUI becomes green.

Click here to check your IP address.